Welders - some useful information

So you know how much better modern PlasmaPart inverter welders are at welding than the normal transformer type - but did you know they were green?…

The output is smooth DC, not rectified AC. This gives gives better control and more penetration to your welding. DC welders are also easier to strike and produce less spatter as well as not allowing the rods to stick easily.

Not only are they better & easier to weld with, inverter based welders are significantly lighter because they don't use large transformers - instead a very efficient high frequency inverter does the hard work. In our machines the inverters run typically at around 98% efficiency so almost all the power going in goes into your weld - not into heating up the machine. Unlike a transformer based welder or “buzz box” whereby a full 30% or more of the input power is wasted on losses in the transformer.

For example welding at a genuine 150amps output using a standard transformer welder @ 20V arc voltage, power in the weld is as follows:

150 x 20 = 3000 watts or 3kW

However, taking into account the losses on an average machine, the input power to the machine would be:

(150 x 20) / 0.70 = 4286 watts or 4.286kW

The same calculation with a typical PlasmaPart inverter welder would be as follows:

150 x 20 = 3000 watts or 3Kw

With losses added:

(150 x 20) / 0.98 = 3061 watts or 3.061kW

A huge difference in efficiency, so not only are your welds better and you can actually pick up your machine, but you are saving over 25% on your electricity bill when welding!

Now here's something else - you may have never considered how much power your welders use when they are “idle” - switched on but not welding - this may surprise you:

Take for example a typical PlasmaPart 200 amp inverter welder:

Its power usage at idle is less than 10W with the internal fan running.

An average standard 200A transformer based “buzz box” welder at idle with the fan running consumes over 480W!

That’s over 48x the power consumption before any welding is done!

Take that over 1 year left in the workshop and the comparison is thus:

Standard AC transformer 200A welder at idle:

480 / 1000 = kWh

= 0.48kWh x 24 = 11.52 kWh / day

At 12p / kWh that’s 11.52 x 12 = £1.38 per day at idle! – that’s £504.58 / year!

By comparison the PlasmaPart 200A inverter welder would be as follows:

10 / 1000 = kWh

= 0.01kWh x 24 = 0.24 kWh / day

At 12p per kWh that’s 0.24 x 12 = 2.88 pence per day! – that’s just £10.51 / year!

What a saving - if left on all year as many are, the PlasmaPart Inverter would save you £494.07 in electricity costs just at idle, and far more if used extensively.

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