PlasmaPart and other machine manuals for your reference - feel free to save a copy or print them. PlasmaPart machines are at the top of this list, other machines below.

If you wish to help other people who may need a machine manual, you can send us a digital copy by email and we can put it up here for others to use.

Choose and click the relevant link below to see the manual in a new tab/window or right-click and choose 'Save target as..' or 'Save link as..' to download the pdf file directly.

Safe System of Work & Risk Evaluation (~540KB)

PlasmaPart CUT 25 Air Start (~935KB)
PlasmaPart PlasmaOne 40A (~918KB)
PlasmaPart PlasmaOne Premium 40A (~934KB)
PlasmaPart PlasmaOne Premium Pilot 40A P80 (~961KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 40 Air Start P80 (~944KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 40 Air Start (~918KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 40 Pilot Pro P80 (~935KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 40 Pilot Pro (~917KB)
PlasmaPart PlasmaOne 50A (~936KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 50 Air Start P80 (~947KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 50 Air Start (~934KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 50 Pilot Pro P80 (~935KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 50 Pilot Pro (~912KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 45 CI P80 (~954KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 45 CI (~939KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 55 CI P80 (~943KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 55 CI (~915KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 70 Industricut P80 (~943KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 70 Industricut (~919KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 80 Industricut (~913KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 100 Industricut (~918KB)
PlasmaPart CUT 120 Industricut (~916KB)
PlasmaPart MMA 200 (~796KB)
PlasmaPart Eclipse MMA 200 CI (~801KB)

General Maintenance & Usage Guide (~327KB)

S777 & S777a Helmet User Guide (~5.3MB)
X501 X601 X801 X901 Helmet User Guide (~3.2MB)
Cebora 162 (~838KB)
Clarke Plasma King 25E-25-40-45 (~1.5MB)
Clarke Plasma King 35-50-70 (~164KB)
CUT 40 (~250KB)
CUT 40 (German) (~157KB)
CT312 / CT416 (~2.3MB)
Draper IPC40T (~209KB)
GYS Plasma Cutter 20K    (~166KB)
Hypertherm PowerMax 30 (~5.3MB)
Hypertherm PowerMax 45 (~6.8MB)
Hypertherm PowerMax 1000 (~6.2MB)
Hypertherm PowerMax 1250 (~6.4MB)
Hypertherm PowerMax 1650 (~5.8MB)
Murex Sabre-arc 35i-PT50 (~2.4MB)
Sealey PL120/1.V3 (~555KB)
Sealey PP25.V2 (~827KB)
Sealey PP25PLUS (~805KB)
Sealey PP35.V2 (~1.1MB)
Trafimet Ergocut S25K S35K S25 (~3.1MB)
Trafimet Ergocut S45 & AutocutS45P (~3.9MB)
Trafimet Ergocut CB50 (~245KB)
Trafimet Ergocut A51 (~2.4MB)
Trafimet Ergocut CB70.pdf (~245KB)
Trafime Ergocut S75 (~288KB)
Trafimet A81 P81 (~184KB)
Trafimet Ergocut CB100 (~192KB)
Trafimet A101 P101 (~181KB)
Trafimet Ergocut S105 (~260KB)
Trafimet A141 P141 (~185KB)
Trafimet Ergocut CB150 (~211KB)
Trafimet A151 P151 (~175KB)
Trafimet Ergocut AW201 & Autocut AW201P (~2.5MB)
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